Simple Tips to Make Your Dog Urine Cleaning Task Easier

There’s probably one thing that’s the next worst thing to cleaning dog poop and that’s cleaning dog urine. It’s not as bad as dog poop but it’s definitely a close second!


If you’re new to keeping pets and you’re lucky enough not to know what pet urine looks like yet, we’ll certainly be happy to help you identify it. Dog urine is amber-colored; just like how it is with humans dogs excrete their urine – which is composed of waste and protein – from their kidneys.

The color of dog urine may vary depending on your dog’s medical history, its age, gender and health. The older your dog is, for instance, the more likely that it contains more protein and less uric acephalia. Because of this, an older dog would cause worse urine odor and stains compared to a younger dog. The permanence of dog urine stains will also depend on the same factors best odor remover reviews .

Since dog diets are less rich in protein compared to cat diets, you’ll probably notice that dog urine odor is not as bad as it is with cat urine.


Before you can proceed to dog urine cleaning, the first thing you’d have to do is look for the territories that your pet dog has possessively marked. You should know by now that more than plain old stubbornness, it’s his desire to claim what he deems as his own that’s making your dog ignore all your housebreaking lessons and continue urinating at various places in the house.

Pet urine detectors are generally sold in major pet stores; they can be used to easily locate the scene of the crime. Pet urine detectors make use of black light and this causes pet urine to give off a distinct glow. Turn off all lights at home for better results.

As for pet urine detection using the naked eye, simply try to look for spots in your floor or carpet that contain dye damage or color loss.

Refrain from using UV lights because they can cause unnecessary harm to your vision.

Moisture detectors may also be used to look for pet urine but know that they are less effective.

The amount of damage caused by pet urine stain will let you know what type of treatment you should use to clean dog urine. Erroneously assessing the stain level of your dog’s urine can cause you to further damage to your floor or cushion.

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